Organyc® pads and panty liners are manufactured just outside of Milan, Italy at Corman, S.p.A.’s modern, sustainable innovation center, while tampons are manufactured in Slovenia and Germany.

Organyc® is the world’s best-selling completely organic cotton brand, meaning Organyc® products are 100% Certified Organic Cotton throughout.  Not a little on the top, or some in the middle, 100% Certified Organic cotton next to the skin and in the absorbent core.

Organyc® brand products are also the only ones that are, Clinically-Proven to protect you and your sensitive skin®, based on large scale clinical studies conducted in Italy and published in peer-reviewed global medical journals.



The organic cotton used in Organyc products is sourced from farms in the U.S. (North & South Carolina, Texas), and India and Pakistan.  Organic cotton is the most expensive type of cotton and the rarest.

The organic cotton is ginned, cleaned, and processed in the U.S. to ensure that it quickly and evenly absorbs.  In this way, when the cotton is created into Organyc® pads and liners, it stays dry on top and distributes fluid throughout the absorbent core to prevent leaks.

All Organyc® products carry the Cotton, Incorporated seal, the global symbol of premium quality cotton products.

No. Corman is opposed to testing products on animals.

Organyc products have no added fragances, dyes, perfumes or other junk. Any scent detected is the natural, fresh smell of cotton.

  • Folded Panty Liners – 165mm
  • Flat packed Panty Liners – 165mm
  • Flat packed Maxi Panty Liners – 191mm
  • Moderate Pads- 9.3 inches -236mm
  • Heavy Pads – 259mm
  • Overnight Pads- 300mm

No. Organyc® products are never bleached rather they are purified using hydrogen peroxide, a safe, naturally occurring disinfectant.



The pH of Intimate Wash is pH 5-5.5 which helps to keep the vagina’s pH at its optimal, healthy level.

Additional Information:

Period Care Products:

  • Organyc® pads and panty liners are made with 100% certified organic cotton inside the pad (for absorption) and on the top sheet (to protect sensitive skin), the backsheet is made of a biodegradable polymer made from cornstarch and the adhesive that holds the panty liners in place is hygiene-grade.
  • The pads and panty liners are individually wrapped in recycled plastic as part of a sustainability initiative with NGO, Plastics for Change (
  • Organyc® pads and panty liners are manufactured using sustainable energy including geo-thermal, and solar at a state-of-the-art center just outside of Milan, Italy.
  • Organyc® pads and liners are the only ones that are Clinically-Proven to protect you and your sensitive skin®. A registered trademark of Corman, S.p.A.  Clinically-proven claims are a result of independent clinical studies, published in peer-reviewed global medical journals.
  • Organyc® compact applicator tampons are made of two parts, the tampon (or pledget) and the applicator. The tampon is made from 100% Certified Organic cotton even the string.  It is 100% biodegradable.
  • The plastic applicator is made from polyethylene. Science has not yet given us the capability to provide the right sturdiness to the applicator to make it completely of natural substances. Our scientists are working on a 100% biodegradable solution and they are very close.  In fact an announcement is coming this month (May 2023).

Bladder Leakage/Light Incontinence products:

  • Organyc® brand products for light incontinence can promise three important benefits.
  1. No leaks – As a result of a Cotton-Balanced® absorbent core. The core is the perfect balance of 100% cotton and a small amount of super absorbent.
  2. No Odors* – A pH GOTS certified ingredient* neutralizes the odor causing molecules in urine, it doesn’t just cover them up.
  3. No irritation – Large scale clinical studies, now published in peer reviewed medical journals, conclusively demonstrated that Organyc® not only protected against, but resolved skin irritation that ordinary man-made products often cause.

*The odor control ingredient is:

CATTURA ODORI FLOREALE (An organic ingredient, certified by GOTS.  It is safe and effective and was Clinically-Tested as an ingredient in the product used in the study conducted in 2021 by clinicians at a large teaching hospital in Milan)

  • Organyc® brand products for light incontinence are thin and discreet.
  • Length of bladder leakage/light incontinence pads:

Moderate: 255mm

Maximum: 335mm

Ultimate: 430mm





Yes. All the cartons are made from recyclable cardboard, while the individual bags and the outer bag are both made from Mater-Bi, which is biodegradable. In New Organyc products, the individual bags and the outer bag are made from recycled plastic, which is not biodegradable.


The pads are intended to be used only once and should be disposed properly after use.

The main difference is that Home Maternity Pads are shorter (have a shorter length) than Hospital Maternity Pads.

Home Maternity Pads have wings.

Hospital Maternity Pads are thicker and absorb more than Home Maternity Pads.

No, Home Maternity cannot be used with disposable panties due to product conformation.

Yes, Hospital Maternity can be used with disposable panties.

No, the two products Home and Hospital Maternity pads cannot be used with post postpartum underwear as those underwear have a core and a thickness which is already sufficient.

The risk of wearing both postpartum underwear and the pad is that they can be very cumbersome and make you feel uncomfortable.

This depends on the intensity of your flow, but usually Hospital Maternity are used until total organic expulsion occurs. After that, you will shift to Home Maternity Pad as the intensity of the flow is lighter.

A Hospital maternity pad can hold up to 250 g of liquid.

A Home maternity pad can hold up to 100 g of liquid.

This depends on your flow.

You may need to change your pad every hour or two hours after childbirth.

This could reduce to every three hours or four hours over the next two days.

It depends on your flow. Over the next few days after childbirth your flow should lighten and you will find that you will need to change your maternity less often, maybe after 3 or 4 hours.

It depends on your flow.

  • LENGTH 315-325 mm
  • WIDTH 125 mm
  • THICKNESS: 4-7 mm
  • LENGTH 295-305 mm
  • WIDTH 155 mm
  • THICKNESS: 1-3 mm